Spotlight Interview: Seoul, South Korea

Welcome back y’all! I can’t believe we’re already on our third edition of Spotlight Interview. I hope y’all been enjoying this series, feel free to comment below about places you are interested in reading about. Let’s get into it.

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Howard University’s Marketing Department Chair- Dr. Yuvay Ferguson. Dr. Ferguson currently teaches Marketing Communications, Consumer Behavior, and Brand Management in the School of Business. Dr. Ferguson is a recent graduate of Howard University, American University, and the University of Texas at Austin where she obtained her Ph.D in Advertising. During her time in high school, she moved to a military base in Seoul, South Korea.




Where did you live and for how long?

Seoul, South Korea. 3 Years 14-16




What is something that stuck out to you about the culture in Seoul?

I distinctively remember that wearing shoes in the house was very disrespectful, and its a tradition I have adopted into my own family.





What other places did you travel during your time?

Japan, Okenowa, Hawaii





How was the atoshmore in high school different from where you grew up?

My high school experience in Seoul was pretty close to normal. My family was military,  so I attended an American school on base.





How did your high school experience shape the person you are today?

I’m a lot more open to different cultures and customs. I’m more adaptable and became more aware of how people present themselves.




Can you talk about any gender roles that were very present in this community if there were any?

Korea was a lot more fluid before its time. I remember it not being unusual to see a man in eyeliner. Gender fluidity was not an obscure concept like it had been in America.




Did you face any discrimination?

I faced more discrimination towards my nationality than my ethnicity. I vividly remember the time where citizens were protesting the American military, and tear gas was thrown into our base.





What was favorite activity in Seoul?

Korean karaoke, also known as Noraebang.





What was your favorite food in Seoul?


Kalbi! Kalbi is barbecued beef short ribs.




Favorite moment from high school?

Playing another American schools in surrounding towns in various sports activities.




Where you involved in school? 


I was a cheerleader throughout high school, I ran a babysitting service, won best smile a couple years in row, and participated in the honors program.



Any advice to first-time travelers? 


Embrace culture, try the food, and when in roman do like the romans.








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