48 Hours in Paris

Everyone’s favorite romantic city. Paris, France is truly a dream and one of my personal favorite cities in Europe. I’ve visited Paris in every season, and there is honestly no better time to visit then during fall or summer. Today, I will feature some activities, food, and attractions that are a must-see in this city. If you’re planning a trip to Paris soon don’t hesitate to ask any questions below! Let’s get started.



As a girl who once lived in Italy, I would definitely not say Paris is known for its food… although they have some of the best pastries and crepes you will ever taste. Below I have featured a few food items to try while in Paris.

  • Snails!!! When I tell you they are a MUST try in the city. You may be against this exquisite cuisine but it is imperative to try this appetizer at least once.


  • Baguettes!! I love eating mine with butter and jelly
  • Wine! If time permits I recommend going to a wine tasting. I would suggest taking a day trip outside of Paris and visiting the country side to immerse in their culture of wine and food paring.



If you’ve been following my blog, you know how obsessed I am with museums! I will include a list of museums that are worth visiting. For a more in-depth look into these museum be sure to visit my blog and search under the category of museums. (Musee is museum in French). Also be advised that some of the museums featured often switch around exhibits during different times of the year.

  • Musee Yves Saint Laurent
  • The Centre Pompidou (amazing exhibit on human rights, this is upstairs towards the back)
  •  The Louvre (Mona Lisa)
  • Musee d’Orsay
  • Musee Des Arts Décoratifs
  • Grand Palais
  • Art De Tokyo (featured a black artist in one of the exhibits



  • Eiffel Tower (I love going at night, when the tower is lit up!)
  •  Palace of Versailles (A half-day trip)
  • Moulin Rouge (This entire street also features various sex and illusion shops)
  • Luxembourg Gardens
  • Arc
  • Catacombs (If you’re into creepy and scary things like I am, I would recommend this!! Also if you’ve seen the movie As Above So Below, you’ll LOVE this)
  • Boat rides



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