Top 5 Apps for Traveling

Welcome back, y’all! I hope you all have been enjoying the posts this week.

Today I will be discussing the top 5 apps to download when you are traveling domestically or internationally. Feel free to download these for your next trip and comment below if you know of more apps you’ve used in the past! Let’s get into it.

1. Hopper

Hands down the BEST app for searching for flights. Hooper features a very easy algorithm where you type in the location of the place you wish to travel and the dates. The app will the sort flights from the lowest to highest price and even send you notifications if the price goes up or down. When I traveled to London and Paris this past summer, I bought my ticket for under $600.





2.Hotel Tonight

This app is a last minute lifesaver. Flash back to my sophomore year at Howard University, my friends and I vacationed in Miami for spring break. Once we arrived at our hotel, we realized it wasn’t up to our normal standards. Luckily one of my friends in the group suggested we look on Hotel Tonight. Hotel Tonight recommends discounted hotel rooms when you’re in a time crunch or if your plans fall through. We ended up staying somewhere three times as big, twice as cheaper, and included amenities.

3. PackPoint

Not sure of what to pack for your trip? This is the best app to download for this situation. Packpoint features atomized packing lists according to your destination and weather. The app also allows you to include activities you’ll do during your tip and will add these on to your list. packpoint_screenshot-720x720.jpg

4. Yelp

The GOAT for review websites. While studying abroad in Europe, this app was hands down my best friends. Not only does the U.S use Yelp heavily, so does other countries. I was very surprised in the amount of international reviews from large cities like Paris, to small cities like Turin.


5. WhatsApp

This app is the closest thing to iMessage while traveling abroad. Traveling internationally on your phone plan can be quite expensive! This app was one of my favorite apps because I was able to talk to my family and friends back home in America, and also talk to my new friends in Europe. The app adds your American number to your profile, but allows you to contact anyone in any country through their user name. It features messaging, calling, FaceTime, and even a story setting.


One thought on “Top 5 Apps for Traveling

  1. This was much needed! My best friends and I are planning to travel to Amsterdam and Paris Fall of 2019 and we need help on finding the best, reliable tips for traveling and these apps will come in handy. Thank you!


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