Puntarenas, Costa Rica in 72 Hours

Welcome back, y’all!

During my 21st birthday in March I was able to travel to Puntarenas, Costa Rica, and zipline on one of the highest courses in the world! I’m extremely scared of heights, although when I’m traveling I always have a urge to try at least one activity outside of my comfort zone (I highly suggest this). In this post today I will tell you the ins and outs of this small city.

IMG_0394The more I travel, the more I become an animal person!

Where To Stay:

I stayed at the DoubleTree Resort! I HIGHLY recommend this amazing resort. We did the premium all inclusive room and it was worth every penny. Drinks, food, activities, beaches, and nightclubs were all included in our package. The resort does an amazing job of population control and even has a separate beach and in-pool bar that does not allow anyone under the age of 18. This pool overlooked the beach, featured music, and had a bar full of any drink you could possibly want. Let me not even get started on the food. I am on a vegetarian diet, so it is often hard to accommodate this meal plan while traveling. At the DoubleTree they had a menu that fully supports whatever lifestyle diet you choose. In addition to the main buffet style dinning, the resort also has 3 restaurants (yes, still included) that you can make reservations at. Since it was my birthday I was able to make reservations at each restaurant and wow it was some of the best cuisine I had ever had on my birthday. Although we did not spend much time in the room, it was also great and we were put in a room that overlooked the beach. The resort also does an excellent job of scheduling outside activities. We participated in a nature filled day which included feeding and interacting with white-faced monkeys, alligator bridge, and ZIPLINING!!


Zip Lining

Like I have previously said, I am usually extremely scared of heights. They give me the absolute worst anxiety! Now I may not zip line again (which isn’t true I ended up doing it again in Las Vegas) BUT I am incredibly happy I pushed past my fears. Once I got over the anxiety of possibly falling from the line, I was able to experience and live in the moment that I was in an actual rainforest. Zip Lining provided me an indescribable feeling of freedom, excitement, and adventure. Not only was I able to cross something off my bucket list, I was able to conquer a huge fear of mine. I now feel challenged to continue doing things that push me past my limits.



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