Spotlight Interview: Brazil & Amsterdam

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to BlackMillennialTravel. I am so excited to start a new section, where I will be feautring various women and men who have traveled abroad. Their travel experiences range in different locations, lengths, and activities. Through these interviews, I strive to provide more of a broad spectrum of traveling as a person of color.

My first interview is with Adanech Makey. Adanech is a Senior at Howard University.  She was able to study abroad during her junior year to Brazil for one semester.



How was your experience as a Black woman in Brazil?


I thought it was going to be an Afro-paradise, where I would instantly feel a deep connection when I touched down. Instead I often felt I was sexualized and interacted with for the wrong reasons because of my physical features and “American” accent. I had a better experience in Rio and Salvador Bahia, I highly recommend these locations! 

What’s your favorite city in Brazil?


Salvador! Hands Down

How was your experience traveling alone as a woman?


I was able to receive more discounts and bargain more in the market. People felt more comfortable around me, although often I felt was sexualized .

Top 3 things you should bring to Brazil?

Raincoat, outfits for Carnival, your favorite American snack

Where would you like to travel next?



My next interview was with Milan Carr. Milan Carr is a Junior, Information Systems major at Howard University. Through her academic achievement she was able to travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the Global Advantage Program with KPMG.





How was your experience on the plane traveling to Amsterdam?


I had a very pleasant experience on my flight. The passengers were very nice and willing to provide me with travel tips and places to visit while there. The locals gave great advice I was able to put into use once I landed.

What was your favorite thing to do in Amsterdam?


In the Red Light District, the Prostitution Museum was my favorite exhibition to visit.


Top 3 things you should bring to Amsterdam?

Favorite American snack, camera, and an open mind!!!

Where do you want to travel next?

Paris, hands down.








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