Top 5 Things to Bring Abroad

Hi guys! When I first started researching what to bring on my multi-month stay in Europe I came across so many different articles and avenues of information. To make things more simple and concise, I have created a brief list of the tops things you should bring no matter where you travel to. These things are highly accessible to purchase in America and will fit right in your  Feel free to leave a comment below where you would like to travel next and who you would bring on that journey!


1. Portable Charger 


2. Baby Wipes/Hand Sanitizer Wipes

  • Very self-explanatory. You’re interacting with so many different types of people, things, and possible animals. It’s very important to wipe your hands constantly while traveling so you can protect yourself and those around you. Also great when you’re in the middle of no-where, hungry and unable to find a bathroom to thoroughly wash your hands.
  • My favorite brands are Huggies and Pampers. Comment below if you have an alternative favorite brand.


3. Dryer Sheets

  • Yes, you read that correctly. Depending on where you are traveling, you will be participating in a lot of walking. A way to keep your walking shoes smelling fresh and useable throughout multiple trips. Dryer sheets are also great to place near hotel or Aribnb rooms, in your luggage, and your in the purse and/or backpack your carry around.
  • Bounce, Downy, and Kirkland are great brands of dryer sheets that smell great!

4. Shower Shoes

  • Most definitely the first thing I pack in my suitcase! I’m very particular about cleanliness and attracting dirt in the space you reside in. Shower shoes are great for traveling to wear in that hotel or Airbnb shower, and also great to walk around the room in. I usually pack about two pairs, and alternate between fresh ones every couple of trips. Pack these now, and thank me later
  • I purchase all shower shoes at Old Navy. They usually have a flip-flop sale a couple times per year.


5. Hidden Money Belt or Necklace

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