STYLE GUIDE: What to Wear Year-Round in Italy


The Fashion Capital 

During 2017, I lived in Milan, Italy for about 6 months. During those months I was able to experience Summer, Fall, and a brief Winter in Milan. Milan, Italy is one of the fashion capitals of the world and I’ve never experienced such a level of style until I lived in Milan. The women and men there do an excellent job of blending high-fashion with thrift finds. While most of us can not afford to rock Givenchy or Yves Saint Laurent on the daily, Milan has the best clothing markets that make you look like you spent more than what you actually did.

Almost every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday in Milan I would visit numerous clothing markets. I was able to find trendy and eccentric fashion for as low as 1 Euro… yes 1 Euro. Milan even have boutiques that feature styles from the past collection for 50-70% off. I was able to snag a designer jumpsuit originally priced at $300 for only $50.


I personally never wore heels, and would definitely suggest you wear platforms or block heels. Italy has the most cobblestone streets and unless you’re a pro I would go for the easier heels to wear. Also while traveling you want to look cute while still being able to get around and adventure with ease- your feet will appreciate it late. There is a TON of walking in Europe and numerous websites that provide cute shoes with comfort.

I recommend the brands Aldo, Steve Madden, Ego Official, and Simmi Shoes. Target also has cute walking shoes for a great price that you can throw out after an extended vacation. I would save your expensive shoes for going out and photo shoots. While traveling to Europe this summer with my friend Toni- we purchased cheap walking shoes from and then brought our more expensive heels in our purse to change for photos.



Think LA heat without the dryness or intensity. Milan can get very hot during the summer although does not experience much humidity, which my hair thanked me for. I wore mostly dresses, shorts, and jumpsuits.



Fall is Milan’s best friend. Italy is known for their exquisite fall fashion. I would recommend investing in a good pair of boots, multiple leather and fur coats, cute hats, and turtle necks. These items were my staples in Milan. Always invest in a good coat because the nights can get quite chilly. Italians are also huge on appearance- the more put together you look the better. If you happen to have luxury items- blending them into your fast-fashion items are also key.


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