What is Black Millennial Travel?



cropped-it-does-notmatter-howslow-you-go1.jpglet me welcome you to my first travel blog!

While the name of blog is seemly straightforward- the meaning behind it carries much more weight. I have always been highly interested in traveling and was on my first plane ride at a mere age of 6 weeks. Growing up in social media, I did not experience a large pool of African-American travelers- let alone black women my age. While I felt inspired by the constant imagery, literature, and cinema of different countries, I did not feel that they were easily accessible. Money, age, and accessibility were always ideals I felt held me back from being able to travel the world. This ideal dramatically changed when I was able to study abroad in Milan, Italy during the fall of 2017.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. — Malcolm X



The purpose of Black Millennial Travel is to inform, showcase, and aid millennial travelers in their journey abroad. While living it Italy for about 6 months, I experienced things only available to those who differ from their normal routine. Being in an another country for an extended period of time forces you to adapt to different customs, and leave a few things behind in your home country. My journey through traveling not only awakened my travel bug, but also a period of self realization and actualization. On this platform I will take you through my experiences, tips, and realizations about different cultures.


6 thoughts on “What is Black Millennial Travel?

  1. I started my blog for the same reason! I love to travel but don’t see too many blogs from women who like to travel AND look like me! I’m hoping that I can be that black woman that another black women sees and says, “if she’s black and can travel, so can I!”
    I’m loving your blog so far! 😃


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